Transplant Nephrology Core Curriculum

Technical Requirements

Please review the following requirements before purchasing the Transplant Nephrology Core Curriculum to ensure you will have a successful viewing experience.

Hardware/Software and System Requirements
Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
Recommended RAM: 512MB+
Supported Browsers: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
Internet connection required to access web pages and downloadable content
​DSL, cable modem, or LAN connection required for streaming video/audio
Javascript & Cookies must be enabled
Adobe Flash Player 9.124.0 or higher
PDF viewer to view PDF documents

Mobile Device Requirements
Apple iPad/iPhone running HTML5
Android Device running Flash

Accessing the Curriculum from High Security Areas/Networks
Firewalls and Proxy servers can limit, disable, or even block access to some or all content based on the configuration set by your location's Internet Service Provider (ISP). Digitell (the company hosting the videos) will provide reasonable support to users but cannot guarantee access to 100% of online content if such restrictions on the user’s connection are imposed by the user’s service provider or network administrator. If you have difficulty accessing the curriculum at your hospital or institution, please try accessing from a home computer, as there are generally fewer restrictions on personal networks.