Transplant Nephrology Core Curriculum


Immunology and Clinical Patterns of Allograft Rejection (52 minutes)
Alexander Wiseman, MD
University of Colorado

Recipient and Donor Outcomes (31 minutes)
John S. Gill MD, MS
University of British Columbia

The Evaluation of Potential Living Kidney Donors
(49 minutes)
Didier Mandelbrot, MD
University of Wisconsin Health

Recipient Evaluation in Kidney Transplantation (44 minutes)
Joshua Augustine, MD
University Hospitals Case Medical Center

Perioperative Management in Kidney Transplantation (13 minutes)
Yolanda T. Becker, MD
University of Chicago

Pharmacology of Immunosuppressive Agents (51 minutes)
Rita Alloway, PharmD
University of Cincinnati

Infectious Complications of Kidney Transplantation: Focus on CMV and BK Polyoma Infection (29 minutes)
Daniel Brennan, MD
Washington University School of Medicine

Long-term Non-infectious Complications of Kidney Transplantation (56 minutes)
Roy D. Bloom MD (Part 1)
University of Pennsylvania

Heidi Schaefer, MD (Part 2)
Vanderbilt University

Regulation of Transplantation in the United States (34 minutes)
John Friedewald, MD
Northwestern Medicine

Pediatric Kidney Transplantation (32 minutes)
Vikas Dharnidharka, MD, MPH
Washington University and St. Louis Children’s Hospital